Purple on a list...

Aww Mondays, as I was in the painting studio this morning I starting thinking about the week to come and per usual started to make a list in my head. However I found myself making a long term goals list instead of a to do list and I guess that's what happens when you are trying to mix azrulian blue with crimson red to make the perfect shade of purple, funny effect about a blue spectrum painting that can do that to you.                                                                               
Now this list started to included upcoming purchases, job searching and summer events. Being the young age of twenty three and having more doors then necessary open to me I found myself almost day dreaming about the perfect jobs, living situations and overall life events. However at the end of this list I found myself feeling lost and really unsure of what the right choices were/ are. Having an amazing living situation is really starting to make me second guess the dream I have of travel and exploration or where I can take my job. So with that in mind I continuously will make lists and see where those lists end or bring me. This whole growing up thing and joining the real world outside of college is starting to become a sever challenge. When will purple just be purple?