All the Single ladies

Is there anything better than a weekend with your best college and high school girlfriends.We'll call them  MJ, Jme, Bell and M. They all came from their various homes, jobs and adventures they are traveling in right now and hugging each one we embarked on a much needed girls weekend. We discussed the many goals and ambitions for our lives in our recent moments and all the while the same subject kept coming up. Being single, as the only one in the group with a boyfriend or Just Sully as I like to call him feeling a little old to say I have a boyfriend, I often feel at odds with the conversion and unable to contribute much more than suggestions and thoughts of  how they could meet someone or find that special someone.
The largest problems I have with these conversations is I truly don't know why these amazing strong women do not have a special someone. Take MJ for example she is incredible, an intelligent business women in Boston taking the sporting goods and athletic wear market by storm, shes well dressed comes from an amazing family, why is she single you ask I'm not sure. Could the men of our time be changing, or is the women of our generation looking to settle down while the men are looking to run for the hills?
I asked all of these women to enlighten me about the world we live in and the available men in the scene that is New England. However they couldn't offer much more then raised shoulders and more or less picky attitudes. Time and again I wonder why, all these women and great girlfriends of mine go unnoticed. However maybe its the men that are not given a chance in their worlds.
Well as Monday morning approaches I will be on the hunt for more answers. Queens, princesses, lady's and laces, I'm hot on this trail.  (maybe a topic of further publishing)

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