My next adventure....on a pomegranite voyage

Daily I come home to my Sully and inform him of my newest idea or latest adventure. Being incredible he always tells me to go for it! Well come home love and I'll tell you my next! (deep            breath          in) aww the relaxing adventure of using light water colors and delicate words to lull a child to sleep (breath            out). Thank the heavans for blurb and how easy it will be to make everything! Why you ask would I want to do this, because I'm in love with Meredith Gaston and her newest children's book Tucked In. Don't you want one of her simply stunning paintings on your wall? Enjoy and check out Under $100 to get more info about her book.

Peony May of the Paper Cranes 100x100, acrylic on linen

Lady Lolita, 50x50, acrylic on linen

Romancing Blossom, 70x70, acrylic on linen

A Little Touch of Love, 100x100, acrylic on canvas

Ada Mae of the Peonies, 100x110, acrylic on linen

The Pomegranite Voyage, 100x110, acrylic on linen


  1. I'm in love when will you be sharing your new book!

  2. Meredith is incredible! Great Share

  3. @Henry I want to start working on a few of the ideas I've come up with

  4. @Henry I'm exploring the story I would like to paint then I'm on it!